Motherly inspiration/ modular inspiration

Inspiration is everywhere. For instance, my mother has been a huge inspiration in my life-- among many other things, she amazingly found a way to keep me grounded through law school. She encouraged my art and this site and refused to let me turn into one of those monotonous "why'd I invite her to the party" law-school drones. Its also her birthday today:
Happy Birthday Mom!!!
Elaine Perlov is also inspired:
When Elaine's studies in Japanese art history brought her to Japan during college, she was moved and changed by the beauty and simplicity of the forms she encountered. Ultimately she would look to traditional Japanese architecture for inspiration in creating her clothing line some ten years later. "I was struck by the modular elements in a traditional Japanese residence, where a room could be created or recreated with sliding doors and folding screens," Elaine recalls. "When building a new Collection, I continue to conceive of each piece of clothing as a similarly modular and changeable element of a whole. I want to make each piece versatile, economical and useful." As such, her Collections of clothing, t-shirts and accessories are composed of simple, sculptural pieces that can be layered and mix-matched in numerous ways.
As a result Perlov's collection sets itself apart from the rest. Her silhouettes are stunning and I appreciate the way her looks allow you to layer her more sophisticated pieces with simple t-shirts.


Brass-knuckle pattern shirt from Peg Leg NYC/ Earrings from my favorite, FredFlare.

Is it me... or are brass knuckles and gold leaves showing up everywhere lately? Sophisticated-street culture looooves brass knuckles, from a single screen printed image to entire patterns designed after the four-finger "problem solvers." Gold leaves adorn the Newbury street set... from beaded shirts to golden rings and earrings, this symbol of fall seems to have found its way into many spring collections...