PDX Super Crafty

Have you ever had one of those mornings? I just spent 20 min composing a magnificent post for you all.. Complete with a wrap of the Renegade Craft Fair which took place in Chicago this weekend (I had some associates give me the dish on the coolest designers there...) and a rambling yet compelling paragraph about being over-committed, which transitioned nicely into a discussion about why should check out pdx super crafty....
To sum what I don't have time to recreate (have to be out the door in 30 min):
pdx is a great site for all those seeking tips on starting your own business, inspiration for designs and some really cool buys.... also be sure to check out their new book!
(insert cool transition paragraph here)
Also, speaking of crafty, you should also check out fellow Yankee girl Lindsey at:
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I especially like her "fog earrings".... as I find time in my day I'll beef up this post, but I just couldn't leave you on a Monday morning without some cool sites to browse!